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Layered Brownies+

Rich, decadent and chocolatey, these brownies are perfect for the whole family to enjoy. And the best part is that although tahini is not always a favourite amongst kids, in this recipe, they will gobble it up and be none the wiser. But that’s not all. We have also added Protein+ Choc and blended in Veggies+ with the tahini for more nutrient impact. Tahini is rich in calcium, Protein+ Choc delivers a whammy of protein, iron and probiotics, and Veggies+ provides 15 veggies and supercharged greens plus B vitamins, folate and more. So now, when your kids are gobbling up these delicious, sweet and satisfying brownies, you can rest in the knowledge that they’re benefitting from boosted nutrition with every mouthful. And if that’s still not convincing enough, simply swap out the tahini for peanut butter!! 


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