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Hello spring! A fresh start for our meals (and our pantry!)

Spring is the perfect time for fresh starts, refreshing our homes and giving our spaces a good clean. With the weather warming up, it’s also a great time to change up our family’s meals and snacks with more fresh, seasonal options. Think salads, healthy wraps, chia puddings, raw treats and dusting off that barbeque again! 

Find yourself craving cleaner, fresher flavours and less rich dishes? You’re not alone! Changing up your meal routine is a great way to keep children exposed to new foods and to avoid repetitive eating or fussy eating behaviours. 

Shopping seasonally helps keep the grocery bill down and nutrient variety up. In spring, I love introducing more papaya, watermelon and mango! In the veggie aisle I look forward to crunchy beans, fennel, asian greens and spinach. Plus, more fragrant herbs make an annual return to add some variety and ‘spice’ to our dishes and to life! 

The perfect time to overhaul your pantry

Wholesome Child X Mise en Place

If your pantry is full to overflowing with half opened bags of food, spring is the perfect time to consider a full overhaul….an organised pantry not only makes it easy to see what food you already have but also ensure this space doesn't become riddled with unwanted pests” Anita Birges, Organisational Expert 

When it comes to keeping your pantry organised and clean, there is no better lady to listen to than my dear friend Anita Birges from @mise_en_place. Anita has kindly shared her 5 step plan for spring cleaning your pantry with us:

Step one: Completely empty all pantry shelves and drawers

Step two: Throw out all food past its use-by date.

Step three: Decant food into air-tight containers or jars. 

Step four: Thoroughly clean all shelves and drawers. Once you have decluttered and emptied out your pantry give it a good wipe down. Get into all those nooks and crannys with a cotton bud dipped in peppermint, especially those little holes where your shelf supports sit. Those weevils love cocooning in there!

Step five: Create a functional system complete with labels and foods group according to use. Putting items on stepped shelves or even a lazy susan is a great way to ensure visibility and access no matter what the structure of your pantry cupboard.

'Now is the time to tackle those pesky weevils that hatch in spring,' says Anita. Her approach (which I’ve used in my own home!)  is all about decluttering, zoning and sorting everything. Once there’s a system in place, it’s so much easier to keep things in order and ensure you don’t fall victim to weevils or buying things at the store that you already have in the back of the cupboard!

Favourite spring eats:

Yoghurt Berry Rocky Road

Frozen Yoghurt Granola Bars

Gut Healing Smoothie

Overnight Chia Pudding

Salted Caramel Nice Cream

Acai berry Bowl 

Teriyaki Chicken Wraps 

Watermelon and Feta salad from The Wholesome Child Book

Mediterranean Baked Fish 

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