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Introducing Wholesome Child+ and Why Wholefood Boosters

I am so excited to reveal what I’ve been secretly working on for the last year!

Introducing Wholesome Child+, a range of wholefood boosters that help you supercharge the nutritional value of your child’s favourite foods in a quick and easy way.


Through my experience as a Paediatric Nutritionist and as a single mum of two kids, I know how frustrating it can be when children reject nutritious meals & snacks that deliver all the nutrients they require to be their best. Even the best intentions, nutritional advice and easy-to-follow recipes don’t immediately solve everyone’s feeding struggles. I wanted to provide a practical solution that can easily be implemented while working on making long-lasting nutritional changes.

This led me to the idea for Wholesome Child+. It’s a range of wholefood boosters that tick all the boxes, no nasties, no synthetic vitamins and minerals – just the pure goodness of real food..

So, while your children are still learning to accept a range of foods in their visible state, you can now boost every mouthful with Wholesome Child+ and rest easy, knowing you’re supporting them to reach their full potential.

Now you can help your child be their best by boosting every mouthful.


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