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our gift to you

Feed them right from the start

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our gift to you

Feed them right from the start

Our Nourish Program
Australia's most comprehensive and holistic nutrition solution for Child Care Centres

Lead the way in childhood nutrition and positively impact the health & wellbeing of children in your care

Watch our video to find out more about Wholesome Child’s breakthrough nutrition solution for child care centres.

  • Parents have high expectations and offering nutritious food is a priority.
  • Government guidelines are complicated, creating recipes and adapting menus is time-consuming and can be costly.
  • Chefs and educators are time poor and not nutritionally trained.

Introducing a Holistic, Innovative Solution

  • Seasonal Customisable
  • Exceed Government Guidelines
  • Chefs
  • Educators
  • Management
  • Newsletter & social media plan
  • Parent app

How Nourish Works: Digital Access

You get access to a digital platform that takes care of your nutritional planning with seasonal menu plans
and hundreds of nutritious, whole food recipes.

All you need is a computer or tablet device with internet access.

Recipes & Meal Plans

The program contains 3 bespoke training & professional development courses to introduce your team to Nourish:

  • Create your weekly menu plans based on Wholesome Child’s nutritionally balanced meal plans which are seasonal and cater for allergies and dietary requirements.
  • Weekly shopping lists are generated from the customised weekly meal plans and are based on the number of children in attendance, saving precious time.
Online Training

The program contains 3 bespoke training & professional development courses to introduce your team to Nourish:

  • Transitioning to Wholefoods and prep course for chefs
  • Feeding and Meal Time Behaviour course for educators
  • Introduction to Wholefoods course for management
Parent Engagement
  • Communication plan provided with monthly newsletters and social posts, including regular expert content and recipes with images to engage and inform parents
  • Use Wholesome Child nutritional and behavioural tips to add value to your parent community
  • Give your families visibility over weekly menu plans and more with the Nourish Program Parent App. Our app will help to ensure the recipes and positive nutrition behaviours being implemented at child care can be extended into the home

See Nourish in Action

Why Nourish?

Lead the way, see the benefits in parent satisfaction and child behaviours with our on-trend and family-favourite recipes with a healthy twist that exceed national guidelines

  • Increase interest from prospective parents & satisfaction for existing parents
  • Improved behaviour from children who are fed balanced and nutritious meals
  • Give the children in your care long lasting healthy eating habits
  • Take the stress out of meeting government guidelines
  • Tried and tested by over 20,000 Australian families

Our Happy Customers

Introducing Wholesome Child to Journey Early Learning centres has had a positive impact on children, families and educators. Nothing beats tasting something new for the very first time, and we’re proud that all Journey children are able to experience that for themselves. Our families praise us for investing in the health of children in our care, by providing them with fresh, nourishing, balanced and exciting meals every day.

Ryan Meldrum
Co-Founder of Journey Early Learning

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