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our gift to you

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Crack the Easter code with these foodie tips!

Posted by Mandy Sacher on April 18, 2019

Posted by Mandy Sacher on April 18, 2019

Easter is just around the corner! But before you start to panic and have flashbacks to your kids bouncing off the walls or mid sugar-induced tantrum, I’ve got a few hot Easter tips to have a tasty and Wholesome celebration.

This chocolate-filled holiday can be one of trickiest time for parents as we don’t want our kids to miss out on all the fun. Now I always advocate that children should eat a healthy, balanced diet, but during festive holidays like Easter, it can be tricky to know what healthy alternatives to offer.

It’s important not to demonise sugar and chocolate at this time too! Make it clear to your little ones that these are ‘sometimes foods’ and can still be enjoyed in moderation.

Let’s tuck into some simple swaps and creative recipes to see you through Easter…

1. Quality over quantity

When you treat yourself with good quality chocolate and eggs, you’ll find you’re satisfied with less. Leave eggs filled with lollies, cream fillings and extra sweets on the shelf, and reach for plain, hollow eggs made from dark chocolate.

You could even purchase your own dark chocolate, melt it and pour it into egg or bunny moulds. Or, why not try a batch of these Creamy Chocolate Eggs? The creamy filling reminds me of a Cream Egg or marshmallow egg, minus the sugar, of course!

2. Hot Cross Muffins, anyone? 

The smell of Hot Cross Buns just screams Easter! But they’re often filled with refined sugar and processed ingredients. So instead of missing out, whip up a batch of my Hot Cross Muffins. They have the same delicious flavour and none of the nasties, in fact, they’re even gluten-free. You’ll be converted for good.

3. Don’t eat treats on an empty stomach 

Allowing kids to eat a whole chocolate egg first thing in the morning is a recipe for disaster. Keep chocolate as an after-meal snack, that way they won’t have a huge spike in their blood sugar and subsequent crash, which ends up being unpleasant for everyone! Sugar intake has less of an impact on blood sugar levels when paired with protein and healthy fats, so keep the chocs out of sight until after little ones have filled up on a protein-rich celebratory meal.

4. Not-choccy treats 

If choccy eggs aren’t for you this Easter, why not reach for these themed Gingerbread Bunny Biscuits instead? I’ve used a delightful gingerbread flavour and natural sweeteners such as apple sauce to create a delish treat that will be snapped up in seconds. Plus, these bikkies have a low glycemic index so they won’t send your kids into a sugar high on your holiday.

5. Have fun with Easter craft

Easter is about so much more than just chocolate eggs. Getting the kids busy with craft activities can be heaps of fun. Make Easter bonnets, try egg dipping or felting, or create Easter chicks and bunnies with pompoms. Fill a vase with branches and hang with decorated eggs to create your own Easter tree. Use a mix of hard-boiled, dyed eggs and good-quality mini chocolate eggs in your Easter egg hunt, and hide them far and wide so your little ones get plenty of exercise in racing around!

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