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Meet Mandy Sacher

Leading Australian Paediatric Nutritionist, Mandy is dedicated to helping children be their best by giving parents simple, achievable solutions for childhood nutrition.

Our Philosophy

Founded by Mandy Sacher, Paediatric Nutritionist

Wholesome Child was born out of a passion to help parents improve their family's nutrition with a back to basics, fad-free approach.


Mandy Sacher is a leading Australian Paediatric Nutritionist and Bestselling author. Her proudest title is a mother of two, and as a single parent, she is no stranger to the juggle all parents face when it comes to balancing a busy schedule and still feeding their family well. 


Trained as a wholefood nutritionist and feeding specialist, Mandy has evolved her approach to provide parents with easy and achievable options to help their children thrive without requiring hours in the kitchen. From 4 ingredient, 5 minute, no-cook and supercharged recipes to wholefood boosters that you can simply sprinkle on pasta or a vegemite sandwich, Mandy is a big advocate of a no-guilt approach.

"I am determined to meet parents where they're at on their children's nutrition journey and to provide a range of achievable solutions to take baby steps in a positive direction - small changes can have a big impact on our children's overall health!"


Recognising that feeding children well takes a village, Mandy pioneered Nourish, the first holistic, digital child care nutritional education program in Australia to exceed government guidelines and deliver the gold standard in childhood nutrition. Nourish provides a delicious wholefood menu programme, helping to ensure that children in care, no matter their cultural or socio-economic background, have the best nutritional start in life.

Mandy’s philosophy is simple: train children’s taste buds to enjoy nourishing, nutritionally beneficial foods as early as possible to ensure optimal development and to establish lifelong healthy eating behaviours.

Although Mandy is passionate about introducing wholefoods from the start, she also understands that for many families mealtimes can be an uphill battle as many young children tend to prefer foods that don't deliver optimal nutrition (hello hot chips and ice cream!). This knowledge led her to the creation of Wholesome Child+, a wholefood booster range that gives parents an easy, quick solution to boost their children's nutrition by simply adding them to their preferred foods and staple meals.

Mandy’s advice is to use the boosters in conjunction with her foundational nutrition advice and behaviour strategies, such as exploring foods together in a non-pressurised and fun manner or cooking with fussy eaters to desensitise them to new foods. Persistence and perseverance are key.

Mandy’s career in children’s health spans more than 15 years – in 2006, she, along with other paediatric experts, founded the MEND Programme – an independent, not-for-profit organisation established to research and prevent obesity in children. Mandy and her colleagues at MEND developed one of the world’s only proven weight-loss treatments for obese children, now based on ten years of research and clinical trials.

It takes a village

The Nourish Program

Mandy pioneered Nourish, Australia's first comprehensive child care nutrition solution that exceeds government guidelines and sets the gold standard in childhood nutrition. The Nourish Program delivers seasonal menu plans, wholesome recipes and staff training for child care educators, management and chefs to ensure tiny taste learn to appreciate healthy food in an environment that encourages positive eating behaviours. You can refer your child centre today.

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Boost the nutrition of every mouthful

Why Wholesome Child+

Feeding children well is challenging. Whether you spend 5 minutes or 5 hours in the kitchen, most children prefer flavours, textures and foods that don't deliver all the nutrients they need to be their best. Mandy is thrilled to help parents ease mealtime angst and improve children's wellbeing by providing a range of wholefood boosters. The Wholesome Child+ range covers the key challenge areas of childhood nutrition - vegetables, protein and variety. Ensuring children get the nourishment they need has never been quicker & easier.

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The Boost they need to be their best

View the range, be inspired by how versatile they are to use and how hard they are to detect!


Online courses & quick guides to arm you with information & practical strategies

The Wholesome Child Academy

There's no quick fix to creating lifelong healthy eating habits. Encouraging children's taste buds to accept and enjoy foods that are good for them takes perseverance, repetition and lots of patience! We're here for you every step of the way; from starting solids through to dealing with allergies, The Wholesome Child Academy has a course for you. All courses come complete with a range of tried and tested recipes, a meal plan and automated shopping list to save you precious time. You'll understand the why as well as the how. Be informed, be inspired and take a positive step forward on your family's nutrition journey.

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Wholesome Child Book

Wholesome Child's best selling book - A Complete Nutrition Guide & Cook Book


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I'm so proud of these products, not only do they give my children the boost they need in every mouthful, containing only organic wholefoods, they're also amazing for gut health, growth and development, a great source of calcium, and immunity boosting. As mums, we all need a bit of inspiration sometimes so check out our boosted recipes to see how to integrate our boosters into your routine.

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