Norwegian Organic Salmon

Norwegian Organic Salmon

Posted by Mandy Sacher on January 7, 2015

Norwegian Organic Salmon is perfect for bubs and mums and is the safest way to increase omega-3 intake.  It is extremely low in mercury, PCB’s and dioxins and its rich, buttery taste cannot be matched.  Aside from the health benefits and superb flavour, its super convenient for time-poor mums, as it comes in five individually frozen and vacuum packed portions – and is skinless and boneless. Perfect to keep in freezer and have on hand for last-minute meals.

Why choose Norwegian Organic Salmon?

Norwegian Organic Salmon, unlike conventional salmon, are reared in the ocean in their natural habitat, there are 50% less salmon per habitat than non-organic salmon. The fish are free to eat naturally occurring food sources within the ocean that flow into their estuaries and they are reared on 100% organic feed, which resembles their natural food source. There are no pesticides, no chemicals, synthetic dies and absolutely no nitrates. They are extremely low in mercury and higher in Omega-3. Studies have been conducted to show that organic salmon has higher omega-3 levels than conventional farmed salmon due to the higher fish content of the feed in comparison to conventional salmon. Europe has one of the most stringent organic certification requirements in the world, the certification authority is DEBIO.

DEBIO Certified Norwegian Organic Salmon can be purchased at the following retailers: