Apple, Pear & Zucchini Breakfast Crumbles

Posted by Daria Romanova on February 7, 2020
The aroma of apples, pears, cinnamon and vanilla baking in the morning makes these breakfast beauties irresistible. Treat yourself and your family to this creative breakfast that feels more like a dessert but is actually packed with omega-3s, fibre and blood-sugar stabilising ingredients. Best served
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Quinoa Veggie Frittata

Posted by Daria Romanova on December 17, 2019
This Quinoa Veggie Frittata is super easy to make and the perfect high-protein, veggie dense lunch for a family brunch or picnic. I love how versatile the recipe is – working seamlessly with your choice of veggies and dairy free if desired. My kids love
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Breakfast Bars

Posted by Phoebe McCreath on August 3, 2018
Supercharge your busy school mornings with Wholesome Child’s Breakfast Bars! Packed with high-fibre oats and satiating healthy fats from mixed nuts, your kids will be ready to bounce out the door in no time. Plus, these are easily made ahead of time and separated into
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