Chocolate Tahini Biscuits

Posted by Daria Romanova on July 28, 2020
A great way to get nutrient dense Tahini into your children’s diets, meet my new Chocolate Tahini Biscuits. Rich in calcium, zinc and iron these new ‘treats’ are perfect for school, fussy eaters and are a delicious vegan, plant-based treat. They sure tick a lot of
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Tahini Biscuits

Posted by Daria Romanova on April 6, 2020
Introducing these delicious, high-protein biscuits that won’t leave you with crazy kids! Rich in whole grains, healthy fats and the nutritious sweetness of coconut sugar, these healthy treats are a real crowd and tummy pleaser. Baking biscuits is a brilliant activity to enjoy together –
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Chickpea Mushroom patties

Posted by Daria Romanova on March 11, 2020
These quick and easy Chickpea Mushroom Patties are sure to become a family favourite. If mushrooms aren’t popular at your dinner table, no one will ever notice them inside these tasty patties! Serve with tzatziki and steamed greens for a complete nutrient-dense dinner or add
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Pear & Oat Bars

Posted by Daria Romanova on March 10, 2020
These Pear Oat Bars are not only healthy and delicious but they’re the perfect recipe to get the little ones in the kitchen and helping Mum or Dad! Measuring, pouring and mixing are all simple ways to get your kids involved in cooking. The oats
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Cheesy Broccoli Bread Dippers

Posted by Daria Romanova on February 25, 2020
Gluten free and rich with the goodness of greens and protein, these melt in your mouth, tasty Broccoli Bread Dippers make a delicious dinner, side or snack. If your little ones don’t love their daily greens, covering them in gooey cheese and cutting them in
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