"This is a review of pediatric dietary consultation services provided by Mandy Sacher to assist my son gain weight. My son is a year old and was in the 1st percentile ranking for weight. He was born five weeks early and was consistently underweight despite my wife's best efforts to help him gain weight. Mandy achieved near miraculous results in the space of a week. Our son now eats all his food consistently and throws a mighty tantrum if there is the slightest delay to his meal time. We wholeheartedly recommend Mandy's pediatric dietary consulting services and would not hesitate to refer her to friends and family who are seeking such services."
Chamali Kenny
"Mandy helped me, my family and my business have a healthier diet by eating simple and wholesome foods. Mandy designed the menu plan for my daycare, Pear Tree, and the children love the food! It's fantastic to see even the fussiest of our children enjoying all kinds of  vegetables and protein. Many of the families at my daycare have also had private consultations with Mandy and she has changed many of their lifestyles positively! I highly recommend Mandy’s workshops and consultations. She is definitely my food guru!!"
Nanda Megda

I contacted Mandy specifically to help me with feeding my incredibly fussy three year old & more generally to advise on how to transition to organic options for my family of four. Mandy's consultation provided me with the tools I needed - including excellent advice, recipes, food lists & a custom nutrition plan. She was invaluable & has helped transform my family's eating habits. I highly recommend Mandy - she was an absolute pleasure to deal with & so understanding of the battles sometimes faced when feeding little people!
Debbie Manolas

"Mandy Sacher has been an integral part of my family's health food journey. She added immeasurable value during my pregnancy, and continues to do so with my child's nutrition. She also plays a consulting role in my wholefood kids food business, Mindful Munch. Mandy offers a great mix of passion, knowledge, and professionalism."
Lori Levin
“As a Mum of a seven year-old and 20 month-old, I found Mandy Sacher's approach and knowledge very informative, realistic and easy to apply to my busy life. I love that she provided great suggestions of store-bought healthy food (as I don't have time to make everything from scratch) and she was available after the consultation to answer my questions. My children are thriving under Mandy's guidance.”
Gia Janks

Mandy is wonderful caring and supportive nutritionist who has been incredibly helpful to me on two occasions. Firstly with my two year old daughter who is a very difficult eater. I was stressed about her limited diet and had tried numerous things with no success. With Mandy I felt really listened to, which as a mother is important. Together we came up with a plan of slowly trying  a few easy recipes, and more importantly ensuring the products/ingredients I was buying were of the best quality. The products Mandy suggested have become staples in my house. The second occasion was during my second pregnancy with my son. I was feeling very tired and generally low. Again Mandy really listened and came up with suggestions which felt manageable to implement and not over-whelming. The supplements and changes to my diet made a huge difference and I can honestly say changed my experience of my pregnancy, and meant I was feeling great when my son was born.
Aimee Pezaro

“I approached Mandy because the children at the childcare centre I work were showing interest in food and nutrition. Even though they were aware of healthy diet and knew why eating various range of food was good for them, many of the children still refused to try different foods. Mandy helped our childcare teachers, by reading a wonderful story where fruit and vegetables were a superheroes. This story had a really great impact on the children and was a decisive step in their willingness to try new foods, especially fruit and vegetables. The result was spectacular! All the children got excited and really wanted to try  food they had previously refused before. One thing that came through was Mandy's incredible child sensitivity, communication skills  and passion for her work. I found the experience a perfect addition to what the children were learning at the daycare. She gave me so many great new ideas and advice on  encouraging the children. I would definitively recommend Mandy to all teachers who want to educate young children about nutrition and proper eating, as promoting healthy  lifestyle in our kids is one of our duties of care.”
Aurore Douteau
"My name is Valeria, I am 34 years old and for the last 10 years I have been undergoing medical treatment for chronic rheumatism by taking anti-inflammatory and other prescription medication to help with pain, but everything I tried always only helped for a while. After 10 years of  medication my stomach started to suffer, and I was struggling to remain on the pills. I decided to book a consultation with Mandy because I really wanted to see if nutrition could help with my condition. After five months following her diet I stopped most of my medication, my stomach is working well and my pain has decreased a lot. I had two blood tests that confirm a decrease in my level of inflammation. I also feel happier and I have more energy to do all my tasks during the day. I wake up happy with a strong sensation of well being. My body has also changed. My skin is better, I have lost three kilos and it's so easy to keep my weight. I never imagined that changing my diet could transform my life, and I can now really see a better future with more hope, happiness and enjoyment of  life in a healthier way. Mandy, thank you for everything!!!"
Valeria Fiorian

"I have experienced personal success thanks to Mandy Sacher. After experiencing some medical issues relating to diabetes and high blood pressure, Mandy provided me with support and her expertise in nutrition and diet to combat these issues. Mandy was empathetic and supportive in the initial consultation and catered a diet to my lifestyle and needs. She gave me extensive information regarding food and nutrition, menu plans and even useful recipes, to control my medical issues. Mandy even encouraged me to attend a ‘Veggie Tricks’ seminar which provided me handy hints and creative solutions for incorporating vegetables into my diet, which I found extremely useful. What I also found especially supportive of Mandy is that she constantly follows up on my progress, doctor’s appointments and any issues I may be having. My sugar levels and blood pressure are now controlled and at the correct levels, and my doctor is also over the moon about my progress. I thoroughly recommend Mandy’s services to all individuals who are keen to incorporate healthy diet and lifestyle. Thanks Mandy, you’re a gem!"
Nesli Nuguid

"After a recommendation from our family day care, we set up a consultation with Mandy Sacher to make sure that our two year old daughter is eating the right food. Mandy came to our house with a big bag of examples of what to buy and what not to buy. She provided some great tips on how to persuade our daughter to eat the dreaded vegetable. Lastly we received a personalised bound manual of advice, tips & recipes to help us keep on the road of healthy nutrition. I would recommend Mandy to any parent conscious of their child's food intake and nutritional well-being."
D. Lamyan

I'm still thinking about those yummy bliss balls!! Thanks Mandy, I really was starting to get stale (excuse the pun) with my recipes, and now I've got all these new ideas. Thanks again - let me know when the Veggie Tricks workshop is on because I'll sign up!
Rebecca Abraham
"Thanks so much to Mandy from Wholesome Child for an amazing workshop. Anyone who is interested in improving their children's eating habits, or just looking for some new recipes and inspiration keep an eye out for her talks. Holistic, organic and full of excellent information."
Taryn Polovin