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We've made it even easier to boost the nutrition of your child's meals and snacks. Explore our range of Wholefood Boosters today!

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Make back to school, playdates and picnics a breeze with our amazing selection of easy recipes!

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Founded by Paediatric Nutritionist, Bestselling Author and Mum of two, Wholesome Child is your destination for improving your family's health & wellbeing. The good news? You can make a big difference with quick, easy changes!

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A Quick & Easy Nutritional Boost for Every Mouthful

Check out Mandy's new range and improve your family's health, one sprinkle at a time. Add these versatile boosters to cooking, smoothies, sandwich spreads, sauces & more.

Lunchbox Favourites!

Can you hear that sweet sound of the school bell?! We never thought we'd be excited about making lunchboxes again- but there's a first for everything! Check out our range of lunchbox faves below.

Easy Lunchbox Recipes

Increasing Variety

Trying to increase variety in your child's diet doesn't have to be stressful. Try our dedicated increasing variety recipes today.

increasing variety

Buy and Boost!

Time Poor? We hear you! Check out our ingenious ways to use our boosters with your store bought staples. No complicated recipes. No hour long meal-prep. Simply buy, and Boost.

Buy and Boost ideas

Only the best ingredients

Our boosters are made from the finest organic wholefoods. They're specially formulated to be heat resistant, delivering potent nutritional value when added to cooked meals or simple staples such as cereal & sandwiches!

Fuelling their Futures

Because of their nutritional potency, our Wholefood Boosters aid in gut health, energy, brain function, immunity and the development of strong bones and teeth (and that's not all!)

Solutions focused

Every child and family are unique, and there's no one approach that fits all. Wholesome Child offers a range of solutions to meet you where you're at. Every small change can make a big impact!

Meet Mandy

With over 15 years experience, Mandy has encountered the whole range of challenges faced by parents trying to feed their children and is passionate about helping families thrive.

"Healthy food doesn't need to take hours to prepare. As a working, single mum, I am all about simple, wholesome solutions for family meals and snacks"


Paediatric Nutritionist and Founder

4 ingredient recipes

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Simple swaps can make a big difference to your family's health

By focussing on staples in our home such as bread and milk, we can easily make simple changes that have a big impact on our family's health; a simple swap from refined grains to wholegrains can significantly impact the fibre, protein and gut-health of your family.

Sign up to My Wholesome Child, your personal wholesome hub dedicated to helping you and your family thrive. It's here that you can discover a library of free recipes, manage your personal recipes that come with any courses, recipe packs and boosters purchases, access our complimentary shopping course and start mapping your interactive meal planner designed to make your weekly meals as easy as possible.

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